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fri 21 Nov 2008

Well, my crazy month of Blogging every day and Drawing every day is now two-thirds done!

  drifting with rift at LiveJournal

I am actually a little surprised by my blogging ability. There have been a few days when I agonized about what to type... but there is always the fall back of just posting some of my drawings.

I was thinking that I could re-arranged my site design here a little bit to be more "blog-like"... Have many blog posts on the page instead of just the one. And then archive all the posts into a monthly page, so I wouldn't have to deal with all the individual HTML pages. Doing that would make it easier to post here, I think.

Because I am definitely not staying with the LiveJournal blog... it's fine and everything, but I'd rather type at my own web site!

So maybe my December project will be a site redesign. :)

In the meantime, here are thumbnails of the daily drawings that I did in October... Some of these (and others) can be seen full size at my LiveJournal Gallery: DrawMo Gallery

October drawings

<<Before      ^^      After>>

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