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Sun 9 Nov 2008

Oops, the weekend got away from me, and I'd forgotten that I was going to update here! Maybe I'm just getting spoiled on the easy updating over at LiveJournal. ha.

So anyway. I have been blogging every day without fail. And I have nine drawings done... I've skipped a day, and I've doubled up a couple days with with drawings.

  drifting with rift at LiveJournal

Unfortunately, I've been spending less time with my drawings, and they aren't as interesting as the ones I did in October. So, I'm hoping in the coming week I will focus more on the quality.


Oh! I've discovered a new art challenge blog, and I can't understand how I missed it in my searchings thus far. The Art Every Day Month has apparently been running for several years over at the Creative Every Day blog.

I've only visited a couple sites on the blog roll, but the art I've seen is quite incredible!

Maybe they will inspire my own art in the coming week.

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