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an Ode to Dust
mon 5 May 2008

The last few days, I have had the... "opportunity" to do some spring cleaning, since my mom will be visiting.

Not a Poem:
About Dust

Oh, sweet little dust particle.
you are so cute.
your purpose in life
is to hang in the air
and make sunsets beautiful.

Oh sweet little dust particle.
maybe you get blown down
out of the air.
or perhaps gravity brings you down.
you join the top soil,
or you land in the ocean.
or you settle on my computer monitor.

Sweet little dust particle.
won't you ask a breeze
to take you elsewhere?
Your dusty friends are gathered
on my printer,
but won't you have more fun,
adventuring with the wind?

I think the poem would be better if it rhymed a little. After all, 'dust' does rhyme with 'cussed'. But cussing at my sweet little dust particle is going to change the tone of my wonderful poem.


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