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Sat 3 May 2008

Random bits:

The SO has been forced to join me in my jobless bum state. sighs. It is irritating to have him invading my space all day, but I will adapt.

My mom will be visiting next week. Cleaning a year's worth of dust is also irritating, but I guess it will get done.

My favorite magazine, Creative TECH suddenly quit publishing. grr! And a new magazine that I subscribed to, Science Illustrated, sent me a bill, but no magazines. GRRR!

I enjoy getting magazines in the mail. so now I'm feeling bereft. (Even tho I still have a stack of unread mags.) (but they are old and boring.)

that silly girl squirrel with the droopy tail continues to dig holes for her nuts, RIGHT NEXT TO the new plants in the garden. All the plants are still alive, I guess they don't mind her much. Well. Plants, dead or alive... the squirrel still has precedence. :D

The other day I ran into this news article, A crusade to edit America about a guy correcting typos on signs and public text. I followed the links to the website and blog, and it's mildly amusing!

Reading the typo blog, I was momentarily ashamed of my own typing laziness... I very often ignore the possessive apostrophe. It's a conscious decision, usually, because I can't figure out if it looks right or not. um. Sorry people! I will try to do better! But I still reserve the right to capitalize or not where I see fit. heh.

My interest in language, written and otherwise, is on the ironic side. In grade school, my worst subject was Spelling (and I never got any better). In high school my most hated and worst subject was the section in English class where we diagrammed sentences. An "A" student totally flunking! haha... I know what a noun is and usually I can pick out the verb, but beyond that I am clueless.

It's kind of embarrassing when SO brings me a newspaper article with a grammar problem. He says, "Shouldn't this be a predicate past tense something or other?" and I have to hide the fact that I have no idea what he is talking about. ;) He also mentions "dangling participles" often, and I still haven't looked up what that means.

Ah, yes. The irritant on the icing. Yesterday I got a call from my old job: the lady I trained finally quit and they need me to come back and get them caught up and train someone new. I refused, perhaps with a bit too much staight-forwardness. heh. And now I feel kinda bad... but it's not my business that's going down the tubes, and they never appreciated me enough to be their miracle worker in the first place.

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