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wed 7 May 2008

Okay, people: I'll be offline for the next week, spending time with my Mom and celebrating my birthday! Possibly some fun photos when I return. :)

I woke up this morning thinking about an article I read the other day...
Become an Expert with the Power of Deliberate Practice (found via lifehacker). You can be an "expert" in something, if you practice for two hours, every day for 10 years.

Ten years sounds rather intimidating, but I guess the ten years will pass, regardless. :)

So, if you practice four hours a day, you can get to "expert" in 5 years. But that is a lot of time taken out of your day... you'd only be able to day job part-time. Actually that sounds more like college student days.

And then, if you practice for one hour a day, it'll take 20 years. I was wondering if I had done anything for an hour a day for the last 20 years; since I was 15 years old? um, yeah! I started reading when I was a teenager. I've probably averaged out at an hour a day of reading.

So! I'm an expert at reading!! Yay!

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