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Week 1 of Freedom
Sat 8 Mar 2008

huh. You know, I thought I would do a lot more blogging. I also thought I would do more reading, more drawing, more writing.

Evidently you need some discipline, even to work on the stuff you are passionate about! haha!!

I have been letting my obsessions run loose, here and there. and, oh, this is so wonderful. I am using the Internet to it's full dialup capacity (heh). And my Scanner brain is on crack!

But yeah, crack on the brain isn't getting things done. :)

The things I have worked on...

  Some Reading There are a few books that I've had bookmarks in for months, and I'm getting those out of the way. And updating my GoodReads. Recently added: my review of Endgame, which I am inordinately proud of. ;) and my review of Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle.

  Digital Camera I was getting rather frustrated with the pictures I was taking and was wondering if I made a bad decision with this particular camera. A lot of my photos are blurry. A lot. And when I started playing with the manual setting, my photos came out perfectly black. And I wondered if my $230 had been wasted.

Eventually, wisdom descended from the heavens: It's all about light. When I take photos on the auto settings (point and click), the shutter speed is way LOW because I'm indoors and there's not enough light... slow shutter speed means the slightest movement -- either the guinea pigs moving, or me just pressing the click -- is equal to blurry photos. When I increase the shutter speed in the manual settings, there is not enough light coming in and that is equal to black photos.

So. Taking photos of guinea pigs, indoors, I'll have to use the flash. Which I hate because it looks bad and I can't fix the over-exposed parts of the photo. Or I could just wait for a sunny afternoon, and keep my window blinds open. Or I could take the guinea pigs outside... which might be an interesting, if dangerous, possibility.

And, along the lines of light... outside photos "should" come out alright with the auto settings. I have taken a few, but they are not universally decent. So I need to do some experimenting there, and apply my thinking and let some more wisdom descend.

its a crow

  Drawing I am taking an online drawing class, hoping to get myself into the habit. It's a six week course, the first two weeks were my last two weeks of day job, and I'm playing catch up with that. This week I've completed the first two lessons, altho I've not done the "extra credit" assignment yet. Hoping I will get at week 3 lessons this weekend, so that I can be up to date when week 4 comes out on Monday.


Anyway. I drew that the other day. and I'm kind of brain storming ideas that continue with the three or more "circled images" thing. I've not drawn anything yet but: "cow" + "pig" + "chicken" + "fish" = "GO VEGAN". :) We'll see how that all works out!

I am also going through several months of email. And I am playing with my spam settings. One of the joys of owning a website that's listed on google: I am hit with 50 to 70 spams every day. and some of the sexual subject lines are starting to offend me. um, Very much offend me.

My host provides me with some decent spam killing software, and I have attempted to work with it before... but the directions are so -not- clear that I quickly gave up. But now I have the time to sit... and read... and re-read. These two paragraphs they have given me... for about an hour I stared at those words. So strangely incomprehensible. You know, I am not a stupid person, it is not supposed to take me an hour to understand two paragraphs!

laughs. Having worked so hard for this knowledge, it definitely feels like a "win". *rolls eyes*

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