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Tuesday Ten
Tues 11 Mar 2008

Tuesday Ten prompt from Daydreaming on Paper for 03/11/2008...

List ten ways that the computer and/or internet has changed your life for the better. (List ten ways that the computer and/or internet has added more complications to your life.)

Ah, sweet, sweet Internet: you can do no wrong with the proper filters.

#1. I really enjoy my web site. I like writing for an audience, I like playing with HTML and graphics. The time I spend here, in my cyber area, is meaningful to me.

#2. Okay. Amazon. Stuff comes to my door, instead of me running around town, and it's usually cheaper than I can get locally.

#3. And VeganEssentials. Yes, it's more Stuff coming to my door. But it's Vegan stuff and that makes it better! :)

#4. Books. and free books. I love to read, and when I can get loads of fascinating ebooks, for free, that's better! That's the best!

#5. People? yes. People. People on the Internet are much better. laughs. I hate being around people in real life, because it's just not polite to leave when they are being stupid. But you can on the Internet!

#6. Neophilia. I need a constant stream of new things, and nothing supplies this like the Internet.

#7. Art. I don't like going to museums. And they never have the kind of art I like to look at anyway. The Internet is way better!

#8. Learning. Easy and cheap. And you should never stop learning!

#9. Community. I can lurk here, and there, and where-ever. And I don't have to be nervous about people wanting to talk to me or wanting me to talk to them.

#10. Friends. I am not the easiest person to get along with in real life. And, truth be told, I do not want to deal with humans in real life, just too much bother. So, yep!

Dawn, the owner of the website above, Daydreaming on Paper, is also the owner of the yahoo group, Purple_Ink. It's a journalling community which has been going strong for eight years now. Dawn is closing Purple_Ink at the end of the week.

I've been a member there for about 7 years. Lurking, yes. I'm sad to see it go. It was a phenomenal group of people.

Best wishes to Dawn! And some major Thank Yous for all the time, effort, tears, blood and joys, put into Purple_Ink!

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