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Sun 2 Mar 2008

I started a new paper journal at the beginning of the year. And I was bound and determined to finish it, so I could start a new one as my new "jobless bum" life commenced.

For my jobless bum journal, I wanted to do something wonderfully different. I am going to use loose leaf paper, and then bind it up when I've collected enough sheets.

I bought my Bind-it-All last September, and this year I've picked up a box of ½ inch O-wires. I love this size! Some random website said the ½ inch wires would hold 90 sheets of paper... I'm using 24 pound paper, tho and it's taking about 65 to 70 sheets plus cardstock covers for the front and back. (The Space Bar thingee is a must for this size project.)

Anyway. I am very excited about my loose leaf journal. Yesterday, Significant Other and I walked over to Staples... I got a new green clipboard and a new green folder to keep my finished pages together. I figure about two months of journalling will get me 60 sheets, and then I'll bind it. um. well. actually. I've got a lot more time on my hands now! Maybe I'll get the 60 in just one month. *grins*

Oh the possibilities of loose leaf!

  Printing stuff without adding the bulk of gluing or tipping or stapling! I'll be printing up my blog entries. I also like to print calendars. Printing up cool Internet stuff?

  Digital Paper. This is a recent not-quite-obsession of mine. It's decorative paper, like scrapbookers use, but since it's a file you can change it to however you want. I'm thinking of a sheet that has a strip of the full colour down one of the margins, or as a border all the way around, and then fade the colour in the writing area.

  Coloured Paper. Yep, I've got paper... lt green, dark green, lt purple, dark purple, lt blue, aqua, yellow. Would love to add a ream of black... but they don't sell that in stores. And I'm having trouble finding the ultimate white pen: Uniball Signo White. Guess I'll have to track them down online.

  Typing Journal Entries. I have some really good desktop publishing software, PagePlus, which I've not used in a while. I can add my own photos, clipart, use whatever fonts I please, scans of magazine or newspaper articles/photos to comment upon.

So, yeah, that looks like a lot of printing, doesn't it. Not to worry, I came prepared with some spare printer ink! ha.

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