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Freedom Induced Happiness
Fri 29 Feb 2008

Ah, sweet, sweet freedom.

Quit the day job, because I hated it, and now I'm done with my last two weeks. And I'm free! Free like a bird!

I am going to stay unemployed for a good long while. Until the savings account runs low.

I have so many little projects, and big projects, I want to work on.

Not to mention I've been letting things slide for a very long while; chore-things and cleaning-things and email-things and obviously blog-things! You should see my laundry pile... literally, there are clothes I have not seen for over a year!

So yeah, some catch-up is involved. And the projects. And I am just deliriously happy that I don't have to deal with the headaches and the backaches and the low energy levels that the 8 hours a day, was causing. My soul was starting to look like a raisin...

For my last day at the day job, they got me a cake. A Vegan cake! from one of the local bakeries which handles stuff like that on a regular basis (so I was confident that it actually was  vegan). It was white cake with strawberry topping and a kind of "creme cheese" layer. Oh My. That was so tasty. And I've got the leftovers in the fridge! So it will continue to be tasty for several more days.

I gave out my two vegan recipies... the Magic Chocolate Cake and my Sweet Vegan Cornbread. The corn bread involves egg-replacer, so I gave everyone a little package of egg-replacer. um, yeah: white powder in a ziplock baggy. We had a good laugh about that!

We also decided that in addition to me training my replacement, there needed to be a replacement vegan. I asked around, "You should be my vegan replacement" but got no takers, darn it!

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