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Scanners Weekend
Fri 1 Feb 2008

The day job gave us a long weekend, and I've decided to work on some of my projects, in the spirit of Barbara Sher's Refuse to Choose. As soon as I get bored doing one thing, I will come to a stopping point and go on to the next thing.

scanner mascot

I was going through my clip art the other day, and this octopus seems like the perfect Scanner Mascot. Sher defines Scanners as "people who have so many interests they're unable to choose only one"

For me, that just means I am always getting new ideas for projects. I start a bunch of these projects. And then I can't figure out what I want to work on because there are so many projects, so it is pretty rare for me to finish a project. Lots of projects don't even get beyond the "thinking stage" because it's just another thing I won't get to! I also get interested in random subjects, I will research them for a few hours or a few months, and then I'm done and then something else has caught my imagination.

I should say, too, the subtitle of the book is "Use All of Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams" but I have absolutely no interest in a career. In fact, I detest the word and idea of a career. My day job is just that, it provides me with rent and food and books. "Work" and "careers" are just another symptom of domination, domestication and overpopulation... and that is a tangent which I'm not going to type about at the moment!

I love it when there are weird connections in the books I'm reading. I just started reading the second volume of Endgame and about twenty pages in, it mentions Oryx and Crake, a book I just finished a few days ago! In the same sentence, it mentions 12 Monkeys a movie I got for xmas but haven't watched yet. Crazy, huh.

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