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Sun 27 Jan 2008


The Static has been lacking here lately. This is because of the stress, chronic pain and annoyance that is my day job. I had thought to put the website on hiatus until March... at which time I hope to be free from such disturbing trifles. But the chaos is showing, like a frilly pink slip under the black dress.

So it's probably better to just type.

hay on a plate

The piglets had their vet exam this week: clean bill of health and all that. The vet tech had come in first to get their weight, she was asking if the guinea pigs talked at all. I told her that Twitch was definitely the talker, and the tech was holding and petting Twitch, trying to get her to say something.

Twitch: Very Loud Wheep! Wheep! Wheep!
Tech: Jumps! in surprise.

haha. It really is funny how such a little animal can have such a big voice.

The vet and I talked about how nervous the piggies are at home. Every random movement and occasional loud noises from SO, and they scatter... RUN to the back of their house and stare at you, wide eyed. The vet said well, they are prey animals, and since they are older (2½ years) they may or may not "grow" out of their jumpiness. sighs - I want them to relax!

One of the books I'm reading is Barbara Sher's Refuse to Choose: Use All of Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams I am fascinated... evidently not everybody has 50 million half-finished, half-started, half-conceived projects going on at once? I guess I assumed everyone was like me, with fingers in a lot of pies. and cakes. and salads. and and and!

ha. So. This book, Refuse, is going to tell me how to get some of my projects done, maybe. Lots of good and usable tips. Chapter 6 "I Won't Do Anything If I Can't Do Everything" ha, yep, that's me... I can't wait to read that chapter.

But I know the ability to "Do Everything" is already there because I read. um... I have well over 50 books in my To Be Read pile (not including the 300+ ebooks I've downloaded); I am always reading and I never have trouble picking out which book to read next and I figure I'll get to the others eventually.

Why can't I do the same thing with my projects? With my projects, I can't figure out which one I want to do next because they are all so very important. Or, the project that I want to do first, can't be done because I don't have something necessary, or I don't have the motivation to do the first project... and I definitely can't start another project until the boring first project is done...


This morning I woke up in the wrong city. Not only was there snow, there was also accumulation. Isn't it supposed to be raining?

hiding a nut

did anybody see me hide that nut?

Later: We ended up with FIVE inches of snow! It's the most snow this area has had in 12 years! In a normal winter we get 1.5 inches of snow spread out across a few days (apart from the usual rain). Five inches is awesome! There were snowmen made! HA!

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