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Guinea Pigs!
Sun 13 Jan 2008

Day 1

Introducing Boo and Twitch, guinea pigs of extreme cuteness!

They are just over 2½ years old, and they have been at the humane society for 4 months, 1 week. And now they live with us!

They are a little bit nervous, settling in. They seem well adjusted, and don't have any problems being picked up, and don't freak out when you pet them. They've been a little bit grumpy at each other, but I'm sure that's just stress.

Boo looks a lot like Tegan, but her red is about half a shade darker and of course her markings are a little different. The bone structure of her face is different too.

Twitch's black is amazingly black. She's got red on both sides of her face (left cheek and right ear), but the black makes for difficult photography.

The humane society gave us their "Surrender Profiles" and the first page of their medical records. They were brought in because their person didn't have time for them. Which means s/he was not cleaning their cage: to the point where the guinea pigs had clumps in their fur and possibly bugs. *shakes head*

Well, they'll never have that problem again. We got to talk to their humane society caretaker for a while. She told us about Boo and Twitch's obsession with grass hay. And gave us a lecture concerning Vitamin C. *thumbs up*


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