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Please Hit the Reset Button
Fri 11 Jan 2008

I had such high hopes for a new year, but so far it's just been... difficult.

Day Job: Even tho half the crew was laid off due to "lack of work", strangely I am still being overworked and stressed out. I come home unhappy and exhausted with my back aching despite pain pills. And I don't feel like doing my cool cheri-artsy things at home because of all this.

So I am pretty much permanently grumpy. Then we had this minor chaos where our apartment manager was not going to let us adopt guinea pigs. That really pissed me off for a few days, but now it's sorted out.

And I've probably been reading too much news. They are going to cut down a lot of old growth forest in Oregon, put in more roads through the forests for loggers, and cut closer to the rivers. crap like this totally depresses me.

But I'm tired of being grumpy. I just want to start over, begin again, turn over a new leaf, reboot...

Here are the guinea pigs we are trying to adopt from the local humane society:

guinea pigs

The one that looks disturbingly like Tegan is called Boo, the black and white one is Twitch. They are both girls. Hopefully they will let us bring them home this weekend.

And in other creative news. Well, there isn't any. because I'm grumpy, remember. But I have ideas. And if I could just get the energy to work on them, I would probably be happy...

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