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New Year
tues 1 Jan 2008

Yay 2008! I always love new things and beginning things! The opportunities of the blank page!

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I wanted to concentrate on big fat books for 2007... and I did. I finished 41 books, and the average book was 350 pages! 16 of those books were over 400 pages, the biggest books were The World Treasury of Science Fiction at 1083 pages and Darwin's The Descent of Man at 733 pages. Tag:

Okay, enough with the obsessive numbers.

I didn't type as much here at Static8, I think because my day job is so draining. And I think I was reading more because I was using it as an escape. The day job is a major problem, and it needs to end. I'll be quitting this spring, as soon as I replace all the money I spent on xmas.

I haven't gotten a bike yet, but my other green goals are coming along nicely. With all the good, healthy, wheat bread I've made in the bread machine, we haven't had to buy store bread at all this year, altho there was some freegan bread involved. The worms arrived in March 2007 and after a fruit fly problem was solved the worms had a population explosion. They are happily munching and making compost! Tag:

I decided it was too expensive and likely too wasteful to join a CSA (I wasn't sure we'd be able to eat all that food). But I will look into it again this year. It might be a good idea, since SO has decided that he is vegetarian now and wants more to do with whole veges! I would like to find a vegan farm, I remember there are a couple in the area.

2008 Intentions

  #1 Quit the stupid day job!

  Put a dent in the "To Be Read" pile. Including magazines.

  CSA? a bicycle? What else to be more green, pro-animal, anarchist?

  Make 2008 a year of art!

  Take some classes. Learn sign language.

  More vegan!

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