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Mon 31 Dec 2007

Yay Vacation! We are just back from visiting my family in Iowa... and this was the most awesome trip ever because there was snow for sledding! of course seeing people was nice too. And yay, xmas presents!


You can't tell in the picture (above) but behind the tree there is a long hill down the pasture. Sledding and a bit of snow boarding there, it was so awesomely fun!

The funnest was a sled "train" where we (me, my dad, my brother, my SO) all sat on a sled, and connected ourselves by holding onto feet! We went so fast! And the caboose would slide around wildly, and even jack-knife! Whee!

my free tree

Every year I check on my tree that I planted with my Grandpa. And every year they discuss how old the tree is (don't remember when we planted it!)... and the tree keeps getting younger! laughs. They are down to 10 years old, and I'm pretty sure it's approaching 20 years!

There are pine cones at the top. I think this is the second year the tree has had pine cones?

jim the llama

And every year I have to visit the farmed animals. Unfortunately, it's a working farm, so these poor sheep get shaved and murdered. The llama is Jim who works to protect them, from dogs I suppose.

decorated me

I got lots of artsy christmas presents this year... and with all the artsy toys I've bought for myself in the past couple of months, I am eager to do some art. Or I would be eager, if I didn't have my annual, airplane/stress -induced head cold.

sighs. oh well. Happy new year...

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