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25 April 2003 ... Arbor Day

The last Friday in April is Arbor Day, and that's today! Let's talk trees!

My Tree: Blue Spruce

This tree is very special to me. You see, I planted this tree.

I got this tree as a little stick, and now look at it! It's over six feet tall.

Once upon a time, Lucky Charms the breakfast cereal had an offer for a "Free Tree". I sent in the UPC symbols and the shipping and handling money, and they sent me a little stick of a blue spruce. I was delighted.

But I didn't want to plant it just anywhere. And so, I took it with me to Iowa. And my Grandpa helped me plant it in their back yard. Close to the water spigot so we could water it easily, but not too close because we don't want to mess up the water when my tree gets big.

My Grandparents took care of my tree after I had to go home. Keeping it watered and alive. And isn't it beautiful, today!

Nobody can remember what year it was that I planted my little tree. I'm thinking it was about 15 years ago. Maybe?

I am very proud of my tree. It's just incredible to me, remembering how that little stick grew, slowly, slowly, over the years.

Perhaps you'd like to join in the fun of planting trees? Go check out The National Arbor Day Foundation! They have got a very cool web site, and you can buy trees there and all kinds of awesome tree stuff!

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