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sat 1 Dec 2007

I haven't learned any other words in sign language since the other week. I admit I got discouraged. There is not a word for guinea pig. And there is also not a word for pinball. (My SO plays pinball. He is the best pinball player.)

How do you talk when there aren't words for your favorite things??!

Well, anyway. I am done throwing my fit and now I guess I am ready to begin again. ;)

The two books I have are:

Signing: Signed English Amercian Sign Language Dictionary

And my online source is: ASL Dictionary Portal You just type in your word at the top of the page, and the portal searches through all the online dictonaries and gives you all the results.

So, the words we know: book, read, vegetable, fruit, annoy, drawing, write.

Hm. There are a lot of variations for computer. Tap C to forehead. or bounce C up the arm over the elbow. or drag C back and forth on your forearm. or both hands C moving in reel circles. or a couple other forms.

Living languages. such a pain! ha.

OH! Hey! I found pinball in my book!

asl: pinball machine

Let's see. Here are some other fun things. " camera " is exactly what you think it is.

No word for blog or weblog or online, you can spell out WEB or WWW. There is " email " and " internet ". neither one is very intuitive.

OH, oh oh! again! I just looked up " pig " and there is a discussion about guinea pig at the bottom of that page! The LifePrint guy says to spell out guinea then say pig. Or say test pig. (ugh!!) or say swollen cheeks pig. (Which, unfortunately, is incorrect since guinea pigs do not carry food in their cheeks like hamsters do.)

No sign for my name, rift. Maybe I could say " canyon " with an R. But I have read repeatedly that they don't like it when you just make up signs. eh.

" worm " is the cutest sign ever!

okay. that's enough for now!

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