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Tiptree Award
tues 4 Dec 2007

I have started working through the Tiptree Award winners. I've now finished the three 2006 winners, as well as one of the 2002 winners.

Of those four books, I've absolutely loved two ( Orphan's Tales and Tiptree: Double Life) and I pretty much hated two ( Light and Half Life).

50-50. I needed a tie breaker. Because even tho I am happily happy to have read those two awesome books... I'm not sure if I want to continue if I have to keep buying crappy books I hate.

I was looking though the Award website, and a book on the 2006 "short list" caught my eye. Matriarch by Karen Traviss. Yeah, it might have been the cover (Fishies!), because I am certainly not going to read a book that is part of a "War" series.

Matriarch cover

It's book number four in a series of six, I think. I got it as an ebook, and figured if I liked it, I could get 1, 2 and 3 later.

I'm about 50 pages into it. And I can't believe how perfect this book is for me! Of course, most of this is just catching up from the first three books, but here's the basic premise:

Humans are out in space, doing their stupid human tricks. aka, making war and blowing up random aliens. Humans've bombed one species to extinction and now some other aliens are going to make earth pay. The aliens are on their way, but it'll take 30 years to get there. Of course, the humans on earth know they are coming but they don't care because it's 30 years away! haha! Plus, we're not sure what the aliens are going to do to earth once they get there. Some kind of environmental clean up? Just kill all the humans in an attempt to restore the ecosystem?

and the clincher?!?! The aliens are strict vegans! Vegans!

I am in love with the aliens. I suppose they won't be arriving at earth until the last book in the series. But I am definitely there! Or I will be once I get a lot of reading done!


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