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tue 27 Nov 2007

I did not sleep at all last night, and decided to bring some "sing-along" type music to the day job to keep me from zoning out. I grabbed a best of Enya and one of the Les Miserables CDs.

I had forgotten that Les Mis makes me cry. Hey, it's miserable you know! The songs are heart breakingly beautiful. And there is someone dying, like every other song!!

heh. Well, fortunately, people were letting me be; so I was free to cry and attempt to sing along badly, alone in my cave.

Very boring

Hey, check this out...

A very bad, very boring photo of the moon. Just trying to figure out what the digicam is capable of. Yeah, zero clarity, zero detail.

But look what happens when I fiddle with the histogram...

Very grainy

Who knew all that info was there. Sure, it looks crappy, but it's way more interesting than the original picture!

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