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Long Weekend
Sat 24 Nov 2007

So far I've been content to read my books, lurk online and veg in front of the tv; With an IV in each jugular, one for chocolate coffee, the other for coke in a can. And yes, thank you for asking, the caffeine induced headaches have already begun.

Significant Other feeds me every once in a while. I don't celebrate thanksgiving. As a vegan, I find it a particularly murderous holiday and I don't want to participate. But SO made us an awesome vegan pizza for the day. (shoot, I should have taken a photo.) (because it was beautiful with it's huge pile of olives!) :)

I did abandon my photography project. It's okay because this weekend I have started doing creative stuff again. I have done some book binding stuff and some drawing.

And I am also teaching myself American Sign Language.

I have always had a fascination with sign language. I taught myself the alphabet when I was a kid, which I still remember. ha, don't ask me to fingerspell anything tho! And, as an adult living in Phoenix, I worked with a hearing impaired lady. She was a story teller, and I fell in love with how expressive she was!

So anyway. I've decided to look up a few words a week and teach them to SO. (I will worry about grammar and get some lessons next year.) We know book, read, vegetable, fruit, annoy, drawing and write.

Neither of my books has the words "vegetarian" or "vegan". But here's a sign online, vegetable agent.

And I can't find a sign anywhere for "guinea pig". That's sad.

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