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Tegan :(
sunday 18 Nov 2007

In Loving Memory,
Tegan the guinea pig


Tegan the guinea pig died Nov 8, 2007 after a final but brief illness with ongoing cancer. She passed away peacefully in the arms of her caretaker at S.C. Animal Hospital.

tegan and tess

Tegan was born in July 2001 and was adopted with her sister, Tessera, on September 14, 2001 in Phoenix Arizona. Their favorite activities included getting treats, floor time, popcorning, running laps and hiding under the bed. Tess died in August, 2004 after a month long struggle with a brain tumor.

tegan blogging

In 2005, Tegan moved to Oregon with her human family. She became famous in July of 2007, when she was the star of a Blogathon event. Hundreds of dollars were raised for her favorite charity, Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary.


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