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8 March 2003 ... Guinea Pig Story

The guinea pigs had been running on the floor all morning long, and it was time for them to go back into their home.

I got their house all ready for them. Filled their food dish up with their regular guinea pig food. Topped it off with some frozen peas, and set the dish inside their home.

The piggies were watching intently, standing against the outside of their house, looking at those tasty, wonderful peas in the food dish.

I spoke to them, "How do you think you're going to get in there?"

You could almost see the little light bulb turn on above their heads! They both RAN over to me, jumped into my lap! *laughs* In moments they were both in their home, munching happily on their favorite treat.

So, thanks to the new Guinea Pig topic at Suite101, I have found a new house for the guinea pigs.

The old house is a cage that's too small, plus it's starting to fall apart with the bottom rusting out.

The new house will be designed according to Cavy Cages... Go and have a look. Basically, you've got a fence made of storage cube parts with a flooring of something called Coroplast which is basically the plastic version of corrugated cardboard.

I'll tell you what I think: absolutely Brilliant idea!

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