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sun 28 Oct 2007

A new camera, but not a lot to say. So this is what you get for my lame once a week blog entry.

journal pages

Saturday night, I realized I seriously needed a "brain drain". I wrote and wrote until I got tired, and then I decorated. These are pages four and five. My brain is still bloated with crap, maybe I'll have a repeat performance this evening.


Every morning starts with breakfast for Tegan. She gets fruits and vegetables and timothy hay.

bread ball

Makin' some vegan sandwich bread. yum.

worm box

Had to play with the worms.


Dig a hole for the worm food, and there's millions of worms! Well, a lot, anyway. I noticed when I was digging around, some carrot tops had sprouted. ha.

Today the worms are getting some onion bits, tomato bits, coffee filters and grounds, tea bags, green bean ends, and an apple that went bad:

worm food

Yay worms.


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