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Blogathon 2007
Wed 11 July 2007

Yep, I'm blogging in Blogathon this year! My first! Yay me! Yay my charity, Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary! Yay my sponsors!

Oh, wait. I need some sponsors!
You do want to sponsor me? Please!


Here's where you go to sponsor me: LeafShadows blogging for Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary (Pledging closed 31 July 2007)

You'll have to register at Blogathon to make a pledge, but your donation will go straight to Peaceful Prairie.

And, nope, the "LeafShadows" blog is not a typo! I won't be blogging here at Static8 because I write my own HTML and that would get a little bit tedious when I have to upload every half hour.

So, I've set up my other domain with some WordPress. And adding entries will be a snap. Plus there will be commenting.

Yes. Real Live Commenting. Something I really can't be bothered with on this particular website, even tho I've gotten I-don't-know-how-many requests. ha.

Anyway. Go check out my new blog.
Go check out my charity
Peaceful Prairie
And then go make a pledge for my blog
LeafShadows / Peaceful Prairie Pledge (Pledging closed.)

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