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Sat 14 July 2007

In the chaos of advertising for my Blogathon event (LeafShadows; please visit!), I also signed up for 2k Bloggers - The Face of the Blogosphere (a blog of bloggers blogging)

2k Bloggers

I ran into this site a few weeks ago and the idea fascinated me. Check out the photo montage they've set up.

But what really pulled me in were the posts on the front page. Totally blogging "meta". It's great! And yeah, as a journaler, and an online journaler, I am a sucker for such meta. ;)

I signed up at 2kBloggers almost at the last moment. My blog is number 1998 out of the two thousand... as of right now, they haven't picked the last two.

Treehugger at 2kBloggers

They require a photo, and I considered taking one of myself right on the spot. But then, browsing through the caverns of my computer, I saw my "treehugger" Halloween photo. It's perfect!

For starters, I've got long hair in the picture. Which is how I see myself, even when I've got short hair (as now).

But, more importantly, I've got that silly recycling symbol taped to my chest and a hand-made tree in my hand. ha!

As an environmentalist:
  I am vegan.
  I recycle.
  I do not use gasoline excessively.
  I do not have children.

Even tho I identify myself as a vegan, I am pretty environmental as well. And I firmly believe that environmentalism should encompass veganism.

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