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Thurs 5 July 2007

It got up over 90° again today... and the day job is just miserable with me going in and out of the "hot room" all day. I love that hot room when it's cold outside, but right now it's a bit much.

I checked my records and it looks like the evil summer-time temperatures will last until mid-September, with the end in sight at the end of August. Two and a half months, is all. 'Course, that is two and a half months without any way-shape-or-form of air conditioning. bleh.

This is the first year, ever, that I did not go out to see fireworks. I usually insist that SO take me somewhere, but I guess I just got lazy. Which is a shame. Because 4th of July is the only holiday that I actually enjoy...

Xmas is fine and everything, but a huge hassle with buying people presents and travel and all. And I don't celebrate any other holiday. For various reasons.

My birthday is good. But there aren't any fireworks associated with May 11th. heh.

Oh, hey, Blogathon is on.

For the past two years I have been pledging to a blogger supporting Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary.

Two years ago, it was Virgil Butler's blog, Cyberactivist. sighs. Virgil died this past December. My heart goes out to his partner, Laura.


I should think about doing Blogathon, myself.

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