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Eco Tuesday
Tues 3 July 2007

After an extended nice, tho rainless spring, summer has finally arrived here in the valley of Oregon. It's barely above 80°F and I'm already grumpy about the heat!

Regardless of my personal intolerance of the heat, we do not have an air conditioner in our town house. Environmentally, it's brilliant, of course.

So, the fans are on. And the windows are open all night... I'm going to be experimenting with opening the downstairs windows. Especially since SO has to close his window at night because his bedroom is right above the street.

I also finally switched my bedroom lights to fluorescent. I rarely turn on the lights anyway since we're getting 16 hours of light, now. But it'll be nice to be able to switch them on without the extra heat of the incandescents. (Which I saved and will plug back in when it gets cold again, for the heat.) (Assuming it gets cold again.) (You never know with this climate change thing going.)

I'll replace the rest of the lights in the house with fluorescents, as the incandescents burn out. Technically, you "should" just switch them all out because the energy savings will start adding up immediately with the fluorescents. But that just seems wasteful to me.

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