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Eco Tuesday: Worm Report
Tues 26 June 2007

I looked in at the worms over the weekend and I am quite happy. When the worm box was 10 weeks old, I had to take it outside due to a fruit fly problem. bleh! Also quit feeding the worms at that time; they needed some time to catch up.

The worm box is now 14 weeks old, and under the top layer of newspaper shreds, there is beautiful black dirt. There are a couple gnats walking around, no big deal. When I stirred up the contents, I found worms, worm babies (!) and other good critters. The only things that haven't been eaten up are an avocado shell and pit (which split but did not grow).

So, Yay! I decided I didn't want to separate worms (and babies) from the dirt. So I piled the dirt on one side and filled the rest up with paper shreds, previously used by Tegan the guinea pig. I'll start feeding on the dirt side, and slowly lead the worms to the new side. Hopefully, they'll move out of the dirt in a month or so, and then I can just scoop out the dirt and be done.

During the month that we weren't feeding the worms, we had to throw food away. In the trash. That made me feel bad, and non-environmental because it's so wasteful. The food is not going to decompose in the landfill, it's just going to sit there and take up space.

And that is definitely not going to save the world. But the worms will save the world! So, I'm glad they are back in business.


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