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6 Dec 2006 ... MwM

Midweek Munchies, a veg*n meme!
A Veg*n Meme

What wonderful foods did you bring home from the grocery store?

Midweek Munchies: What RIFT is contributing for the week

Just a quick run to the grocery... I had forgotten my list but mostly had to go to get stuff for the cake I'm making for Friday treats for work.

For the cake, I got Vanilla and Canola oil and some white frosting, I made sure I got the brand that didn't have milk in it... and for sharing it I got some paper plates and plastic forks.

After that, I just got odds and ends. I decided to fill up my basket and when it was too heavy I would pick up some coke to balance it out, and leave! My mega-expensive organic, vegan, chocolate granola bars were on sale. And of course I picked up a couple ramen packages.

A can of yummy artichoke hearts. And some chocolate chips, nice to munch on as a vegan choc snack!

Tegan the guinea pig still has plenty of tangerines, but no other fruit. I wanted to get an apple, but they were trying to sell them in bags of fifty million... and I don't think Tegan could eat that much! So I got her a bag of dried fruit.

My treat this time was a butternut squash. I came home and threw it immediately into the oven. I ate it on a bed of rice that my SO had cooked up for me! It was good but I think I like spaghetti squash better.

The total was less than 40$... big difference from my usual 100 or 200$ runs! Unfortunately, without my list I forgot several important things. :P

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