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5 Dec 2006 ... life

Significant Other was slated to come home from his Miami business trip at 2am on Monday morning. He was supposed to drive himself home, come hug me, and then let me sleep.

Instead, I get a phone call at 2am. I figure he got delayed somewhere, and I would listen to the answering machine when I got up for work. A few minutes later the doorbell rings and stuff is happening outside. shoot, I guess I have to get out of bed for this...

It's SO, without his van and without his house keys. I'm tired and confused and SO is hyper and jumping around, but it's eventually conveyed that one of the people he was traveling with, grabbed his bag by accident. And that was the bag with all the keys in it.

A few phone calls and a few hours later, he's got it all sorted out. And I'm glad he's home, even if he made my Monday grumpy. :) heh.

The funny thing... As he was leaving to go on his business trip, last week, he was doing silly little things to his bag so he could identify it. And I was all, "Don't worry about it! Nobody has a bag like yours!" It's light brown, and instantly recognizable in the sea of black bags and regular suitcases.

But that unique brown bag is the one that got mistaken. funny.

This week is "my" week at work. Which means I have to keep the kitchen area clean by washing the dishes. uh huh. Haven't done that yet, and the dishes are really starting to pile up! bleh.

It also means I get to bring the Friday snack. I love bringing snacks, because that means I get to share my vegan goodness!! Last time, for the Halloween potluck, I made my yummy cornbread. This time, I'm going to make my chocolate cake. It's yummy, too, of course. :)

Unfortunately, that is the extent of my baking abilities. I've never made anything else. Well. Other than the dumb granola bars I keep experimenting with... but that has yet to be a success.

So, I guess I need to add something to my yummy repertoire.

Because a vegan cannot live on cornbread and chocolate cake alone!

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