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7 Dec 2006 ... Booking: Location

Booking Through Thursday meme

  • Do you like to keep your books nearby? Do you collect them? Pile, stack, shelve, hoard them? Or do you get rid of them, send them back to the library, give them away, once you've read them?

oh jeez... I just realized I'm not a collector... I'm a hoarder!

I have two bookshelves in my walk-in closet, where I keep my non-fiction and my favorite novels. But most of my books are in boxes, used as furniture in my bedroom, a few boxes in the downstairs coat closet. And some of my books are in boxes in my parents basement, 1250 miles away!

Book storage... it's a problem! Which is why I am so very "into" eBooks! The only space they take up is about 400mgs on my computer. heh. And since I'm not going to share or sell them anyway, it's a perfect, geeky solution.


A gathering of photos of my organized bookshelf. Art and stuffed animals at the top, plus my unused bookends. And at the bottom, one of my many boxes.

My other bookshelf has a few piles of books and journals on the top. And lots of junk. The first shelf is blank books and my animal rights books. Next shelf is CDs, then magazines. In the bottom are several boxes. It's pretty much a mess, and so I didn't take pictures of it!


And this is the top of my digital book shelf! haha. This is a partial of my books\done directory on my computer. Kind of an interesting selection, huh?

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