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29 Nov 2006 ... Crazy Week

  My Significant Other is on a business trip on the other side of the country. I miss him. And being in the house, just me and Tegan the guinea pig is kind of weird.

  It's been snowing off and on this week. This is not normal... it's supposed to rain all winter! Instead, I have to scrape frozen stuff off my car every morning. brr.

  I made soup from scratch for the first time ever. I put barley and the designated amount of water into the crock pot. Then tossed in random bouillon and spices. That was a mistake, but live and learn huh? I slow cooked on high for a few hours, let it cool over night and put it in the fridge first thing in the morning. Nuked a bowl with veges for dinner today. nice.

  Art by the Inch? I may or may not show off my drawings and paintings. I am going through an Abstract phase and it's not very photogenic. ;) But, I think my total is 2,490... a mere 10 square inches away from my goal of 2,500!

  Back to the snow and the cold. I mentioned today at work how difficult it was this morning to scrape the thick frost off my windshield, I basically had to wait for the car to warm up and defrost itself. The temp girl said she has this defrosting stuff she just sprays on and it works great.

I said, yeah, but I would never get something like that because the chemicals would rinse off the car and would end up in the environment. And that is bad.

She actually rolled her eyes at me. I was taken aback. I said something like "the environment has enough problems as it is..." but what I was thinking was "it's people like you, who don't think about consequences, who have ruined our world."

I am so glad I didn't say That out loud. Because defensive people can't learn a thing. But I'm not sure what I could have said.

People have disparaged me for my vegan lifestyle before. I expect that and usually have a decent response. But no one has ever disparaged me for trying to protect the environment. Usually people just nod and say "yeah, that's cool." Or they ignore me.

So, I need a prize or a trophy because I think I am now officially a radical environmentalist. I am vegan, I don't use the clothes dryer, and I don't use random chemicals just because I can!

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