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21 Sept 2006 ... Booking: Other Reads

I know! All I can type about is reading and food! Well, I've been working overtime again, so reading and food is pretty much all I think about! ha.

Booking Through Thursday meme

  • But, enough about books. . . what else do you read?? Magazines? Newspapers? Professional journals? Cereal boxes? Phone books? Purchase invoices? Homework? (Please be specific. There may be a test later.)

The magazines I get...

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
This is a digest form mag of short stories and the occasional novella. Lots of famous authors. I love it and have been getting it for many years! I'm a couple months behind, I usually read these at work and just haven't caught up yet from my several months of unemployment. heh.

This mag is about veganism, environmentalism, animal advocacy and social justice. Each month is about a new topic. I've been getting Satya for just over a year, and it always gets read as soon as I get it.

The Smithsonian
This is a Xmas present from SO's mom. I read the animal and art articles, I usually skip the recent history articles and definitely read the ancient history ones. I am several months behind, I haven't carved out a reading time for this mag yet and it refuses to fit into my overtime schedule... can't wait to get caught up over the winter!

I also get the membership magazines from the Humane Society US and PETA. And occasional newsletters from various other animal organizations that I give to. (crazy animal person that I am!)

I get the newspaper, but only read the comics and "Dear Abby" and the quotes and trivia of the day.

Online I read forums, egroups, blogs, news, wikis, and even the occasional ordinary web page. laugh.

Sometimes I read ingredient labels to make sure I'm not eating any animal products. Not often enough, tho... I was a vegetarian for so long, I often make assumptions that a prepared food is okay for me to eat as a vegan. Yeah, those assumptions don't work very often.

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