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23 Sept 2006 ... Work

After three months of working at my screen printing shop, through a temp. agency, I've been hired on! With a raise! Yay!

The problems: they don't have direct deposit, don't have dental, and the health insurance in three months will be a bit more expensive than I'm used to. eh.

The owner lady was also telling me how work slows down in the winter and everybody goes down to 35 hours a week. Which sounds like bliss, right now... We had about three weeks of overtime in July, and now I'm working on another three weeks of overtime. Bleh.

But I've finally got a couple people to acknowledge that I am a total animal lover. In fact, today at work, evil girl is standing right next to me and says, "Do you want to save a bug?" "Yes!" I say and switch off my machine.

We go back to her room and she points out a big ol' bug to me. Mr. Bug crawls into my hand and evil girl opens the door for me and runs in the other direction. I put the bug in the bushes... I don't know what he is, but he's a relative of what my grandma calls Democrats.

"Thank you!" I tell the girl. "For what?" she says. "For saving a bug!" laughs.

They've also been paying attention to what I eat at lunch. I should probably put a little bit of variety into my sandwiches or they'll think cucumber sandwiches is the only thing a vegan will eat! I've been thinking about getting a thermos and making some kind of pasta soup stuff. The weather has been trying to cool down lately, so that might be good.

But, yeah, been working the overtime, 53 hours a week. And more of the same this coming week. So it'll be a while before I get caught up with computer stuff and art projects and my reading.

And in other work-related news, my Significant Other got hired this week as well, at the job that he's been wanting for a while. He says he's taking a pay cut from what he is used to. With my pay raise, we'll be making the exact same amount! I'm not sure if he will be able to live on my kind of income, tho. laughing.

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