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16 Sept 2006 ... Midweek Munchies #11

Harmonias Midweek Munchies Meme
A Veg*n Meme

What wonderful foods did you bring home from the grocery store?

Midweek Munchies: What RIFT is contributing for the week

Well, it's MidweekEND... and it's much more than a Munchie since the grocery bill was just over 200$! Yikes! But I bought a bunch of new stuff to try, and I doubled and tripled my usual foods. That way, I'll never have to go grocery shopping ever again! laugh.

The Usual: Coke, Top Ramen Oriental, potato and corn chips, some frozen veges (green peas, green beans, broccoli), tater tots, Morning Star crumbles and fake steak strips, several kinds of cranberry juice and some tangelos for Tegan the guinea pig.

For snacks at work I got some new stuff: two kinds of organic, vegan granola bars, apple sauce, and I picked out a soy yogurt... I never liked real yogurt, but we are supposed to try new things, right!

And for my lunches: cucumbers, been wanting cucumber sandwiches lately. Soy nut butter simply because it was there. Yves veggie "turkey" slices, which I hope don't taste like a turkey because that's gross. A bunch of cans of garbanzo beans and black olives to make my own hummus.

Refilling the pantry: sugar and Sugar in the Raw, Oreo DoubleStuff, cocoa powder, vege soup mix for pasta flavoring, couscous, tabouleh because my SO doesn't know what it is! Organic ketchup is yummy and a bit on the sweet side. Soy milk for my homemade bread, and some Better than sour cream for I-don't-know-what yet! Organic Coffee. And I happened upon some garlic & herb spice mix, it looked interesting.

Also got a can of artichoke hearts and Hearts of Palm because they are interesting!

I got a Soy cheese pizza and a box of chic patties which are not vegan, but close enough that I don't mind buying them occasionally. and some Yves veg dogs... I've heard that this is the best tasting brand.

For my future granola-bar-making, I got some organic raisins and organic cranberries. Also got some no-name Rice Crispies because granola bars always have "crisped rice" in them, don't they? I'm thinking with some chocolate chips, these future granola bars are going to be so very yummy! Now if I could just get some time to make them!

And for a belated birthday present for my wonderful SO, I'm making a vegan cheese cake. I got a vegan pie crust, silken tofu and, of course, Better Than cream cheese. I hope the other ingredients are laying around here somewhere! Here's where I found the recipe: BakingSheet: Vegan Cheese Cake.

And in other Midweek Munchies News. I'm going to be updating the MwM code page... Harmonia, the owner of the meme, has moved her blog and I should have changed the links a month ago! oops.

I also want to beautify the page a bit! I don't really have anything in mind, so I'm hoping that if I start working on it, some ideas will come to me!

So! If you'd like to participate in Midweek Munchies, first you have to buy some vegetarian and vegan food! Then you can get the code here: MwM code. After you've typed your blog post, head over to Harmonia's and leave your link in her comments! And then, Harmonia and I will be thrilled!


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