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28 June 2006 ... Worry

Worry, as in: too much of it. It's the new job that I'm worrying myself with. I worry almost constantly!

I worry when I'm at home, which is against my religion: work is supposed to stay at work. When I'm on my time, I want the time to be wholly MINE.

I even worry about work when I'm at work. Anxiety is high.

And last night I had a worrisome dream about work.

I like the work, it's just that screen girl that dislikes me. I hate having to deal with her, and she's been calling me in to work with her for several hours every day. arg.

Or maybe I don't like the work. Maybe I wanted to like the work more than I actually do.

Well, I keep going to work, so evidently I'm not ready to quit yet. Maybe if I get to the point where I am no longer screwing up, things will get better.

But in the meantime, I would really like my mind back. I don't even remember what I usually think about! Books, probably. :) And computer stuff. And animals and art and nature and my garden.

I need to get back to these things...

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