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6 May 2006 ... Weekend Update

It's been a productive week, for once.

Monday I did some book binding. I gathered up the Daily Sketches I did last year -- I had challenged myself to do three sketches every day (for six days a week), and I kept it up for 7 weeks until I got my temp job, and then another 3 weeks after my job ended. So I had a nice stack of papers with scribbles.

I did a basic Japanese Stab Binding. It was the first time I had done this kind of binding, but it's so simple that I didn't bother looking at any directions. I don't like this binding because the book will not lie flat, but it's good for quickly binding loose leaf pages.

on Tuesday and Wednesday I did job searching. Ick.

and on Thursday and Friday I worked. Double Ick. It's just another lowly temp job, maybe lasting six weeks, and I hate it. But I have to support my reading habit, and my Internet habit, somehow!


I was out, enjoying my garden this morning. I broke down this week and started watering the wildflower seedlings. I just couldn't stand to watch any more wilt away for lack of rain. poor babies.

The pea plants are doing well, or I thought they were since they are growing. Several of them are about five inches high, with nice fat leaves and their little vine cling feeler things. But when I studied them, I found BUGS.

Cute little aphids. Sorry, aphid people, but you will have to go live someplace else. I washed the pea leaves with a soapy water spray. It's Seventh Generation dish soap, so it's all earth friendly. I don't think it kills the bugs, but they like to live a sheltered life, so they will be leaving soon.

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