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11 May 2006 ... Yay Me!

Happy Birthday to Me! Yep, it's my birthday. I turned 33 this afternoon! Par-tay!

Work is still blah, but today I discovered the joys of temping at a arts and crafts company that will be closing soon... they give away excess inventory for free!

Today, I brought home about 100 markers, and I am so happy. Lots of green markers! Plenty of blue and purple markers! And a few yellow, peach and hot pink. I am going to colour everything green for a long time! ha. Happy Birthday Me.

I got a letter from the IRS the other day, which rather freaked me out. You see, I do my own taxes, and this year I gave myself a nice big refund.

And sure enough, the letter said I'd made a mistake. bah. The mistake was in my "adjusted income credit" or something along those lines. I was puzzled because I had figured the AIE number by using their online calculator at the IRS web site! The letter didn't say what my mistake was, it just gave me the new amount of my refund.

And the refund amount looked about the same as what I was expecting. So I got out my 1040 copy... and the IRS is going to give me Nine dollars more than I wanted! hehe, Happy Birthday Me!

I got a digital book from Fictionwise over the weekend, and it's the first one I've ever bought from them. I just had to buy something to celebrate my new job, and digital books are so instantly gratifying. Well, it did take 20 seconds to download, but that was instantaneous enough!

I strangely decided on a mainstream book. Strange because I don't think I've ever bought a mainstream book in my 33 years of book buying. (um, actually, I didn't buy any books for several years when I was a baby.) And I do not want mainstream books cluttering up my limited bookshelf space, so digital was the right way to go for this particular book.

Memoirs of a Geisha. And it is amazingly good! I just can't put it down. I read straight through the weekend, got about 1/3 through, and at the rate I'm going, I'll have the book done by next weekend... even with that pesky job interferring with my reading time. heh.

I have known people who use metaphors and similes in their speech, just like the geisha in the book. It's so interesting to hear people talk like that. I wish I had a talent like that, but I think so literally and am heavily left brained.

Oh well. It's still my birthday. And my Birthday Week!

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