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1 May 2006 ... Currently

Currently Reading
The Minds and Manners of Wild Animals by William T. Hornaday (this is a free ebook, available at Project Gutenberg!) I had high hopes for this book because it has a chapter called "The rights of wild animals". But it's been another sad disappointment for the animals. The author got most of his info from zoo animals, and the rest of his experience comes from hunting animals to be displayed in museums. bleh.

Some of his facts are just plain wrong, partly out of ignorance, partly from the dominionist mindset. He frequently describes how stupid he thinks the animals are. It's really quite disgusting, but interesting.

I'm also reading The Year's Best Science Fiction, #20 edited by Gardner Dozois. I'm about half way into the book, and it's less than so-so. I've considered skipping some of the stories, and I usually like Dozois' choices. eh.

I just finished reading Beyond Good and Evil, by Friedrich Nietzsche (pretty lame. or perhaps, just over my head!) and Essays on Art, by A. Clutton-Brock (okay, not terribly interesting).

Current Critters
The other day, I noticed that Tegan the guinea pig's house had a loose connector. Instead of pushing it back together, I pulled it apart to see if she would like the choice of coming out and going in. Her house is on the floor, so she just has to go over the solid plastic wall, four inches tall, to get out through the new door. And she does: she comes and goes, with a little, non-graceful Jump.

Currently Gardening
Well, the 15 baby pea plants are doing well, but my little wildflower seedlings are dying due to a lack of rain. Poor babies. I am not going to water them, but I am trying to save a few by moving them into a planter, which I will water. And none of the other seeds I planted have been born. So, another year of garden failure. bummer.

Currently Watching
The "new" Doctor Who, on the SciFi channel. Yeah, I'm a Whovian. huh, do they even use that term anymore?!

I happened to catch a movie called Flight of the Navigator on tv the other day. Good 80's science fiction. Made me want to see The Last Starfighter again, and Ice Pirates, and Solar Babies and Enemy Mine. Maybe even Mad Max. I love these old scifi movies! I wish hollywood still made these type of movies, but sadly, coming up with an original idea/plot is quite beyond them.

Current Exercise??!
I despise exercising and everything that has anything to do with it, like sweat and tiredness. But I do like to walk when there is a destination involved... Which is why I am very excited about my Significant Other's new job. It is within walking distance, and I walked my SO to work this morning! Walking to work is a most awesome, earth-saving thing! Yay!

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