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31 March 2006 ... A Squirrel and a Tegan

The most amazing thing happened to me the other day!!

I was walking back from the mail box, yesterday morning, and there was this squirrel. He was so cute, and I stopped to watch him. He bounded over to a puddle and took a drink. Wow, I thought, I've never seen that before!

He noticed I was watching, and came out from behind the bush to get a better look at me. I smiled at him and waved my hand to say hi. And he came closer! I stood perfectly still and thought "happy" at him.

The squirrel came right up to me. He put his hands on my shoe and stuck his face in my shoe laces to sniff them!! Holy Moly! I wondered what to do if he decided to climb me like a tree... I didn't have jeans on, so his little claws would probably dig right into my skin.

No worries. When he was done sniffing me, he bounded off. ha! That was the coolest thing, ever! Cute little tame squirrel!

I think I've mentioned before that Tegan the guinea pig hates being picked up. She will run away to the farthest corner and she will squirm and try to jump away when I am lifting her. yikes, very dangerous, and I have dropped her a couple times, much to my horror.

It's just pure laziness and irresponsibility that I haven't taught her how to be picked up. So, I've been trying to remedy the situation.

I think it's very important to give our furry friends "warning" when we want to pick them up. We should never just swoop down like a chicken hawk and grab them! No wonder they freak out! heh. Anyway, I make sure Tegan is paying attention to me, then I hold out my hands towards her and I ask, "Can I pick you up?"

I pick her up and she sits in my lap and gets treats for a few minutes, then I put her back home for more treats. She has been getting better: yesterday in fact, she stood quietly to be picked up and only moved a little as I was lifting her. yay.

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