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1 April 2006 ... Go Veg for the Earth

Since Earth Day happens this month, I am declaring April to be Earth Month. :) So, I'm going to write a few entries this month about how we can help save the environment.

The best thing you can do is to go vegan! Why? Because cows, pigs, chickens, fish and all the others are Earthlings, too! Here are a few more reasons why going vege is just earth-friendly...

0 Cruelty is not going to save the earth, and cruelty is inherent in farming animals... Our beautiful kin are born from cruelty, born into cruelty, live a horrible life, and then die without compassion or mercy. :(

0 Millions of animals are killed every day for food... Which means at this moment there are millions of animals being farmed. These millions of animals are kept in horribly crowded conditions, and in order to keep them alive and growing, they are fed all kinds of drugs. Hormones, anti-biotics, chemicals and whatever... these drugs end up in the meat you eat, in the milk, cheese and ice cream you enjoy, and in the eggs you had for breakfast. If you consume animal products, you are a druggie! and druggies are not going to save the earth! :(

0 The drugs also come out "the other end" of the animal, in their dung and urine. And, folks, from millions of animals, comes millions and billions of tons of dung. It's drugged dung, and where is it going? Some of it is fed to other farmed animals! Some of it gets spread on the fields that produce food for us and the farmed animals! Some of it is buried, and some of it sits in waste ponds! Talk about contaminating our water supply! Our food supply, even the plants we eat, has been contaminated for years with these drugs and chemicals! :(

Shame on us for destroying so many lives! Shame on us for this environmental damage!

Going vegan will help! You won't be contributing to this cycle of cruelty and environmental destruction!

And guess what? You don't have to go vegan "cold turkey" to help (although that helps the most!)... just reducing your meat/animal products is a great step in the "save the earth" direction.

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