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5 Mar 2006 ... Eles and Technorati

Napping Elephants

It makes me so Happy to see the new elephants at The Elephant Sanctuary all sprawled out on the ground, napping! Not long ago, they were all chained by one of their legs to a concrete floor... no comfort allowed. And now look at them!

Elephant playing in the pond

There's one elephant that loves to play in the pond! This pic was taken a couple days ago, when this elephant was having a ball in the water. I don't know who this is, yet, but it was fun to watch her.

(Update: It's Minnie who likes to play in the pond by herself! See the March 2, 2006 entry at Ele-Diary for more pics of her playing!)

The pond is just barely deep enough: when she layed down in the middle of the little pond, some of her tummy still sticks above the water! She would roll in the water, kicking her legs. She picked up a branch to wave around, and of course, sprayed water with her trunk! Happy. And some of her friends, watching from the bank... it was 69° and sunny that day, but they were thinking the water was still way too cold! haha.

Live EleCam!

I have been using Technorati for a few months... I claimed my blog and I use tags occasionally, and I use it to search for new blogs to read. Other than that, I haven't really paid it much mind. But the other day, I wanted to see my blog show up on the Midweek Munchies tag page. Since it's a new meme, and I wouldn't have to wade through hundreds of blogs, it would be easy to see that mine actually showed up.

I did the ping, and waited. And my blog didn't show up on the tag page. I did another ping and waited, to no avail. It occured to me that Technorati hates me because I don't use Blogger.

foo on them. I do sometimes think about switching over to some blogging software. I think it might be nice to have comments and just type my entry and the software takes care of all the archives and feeds and junk.

But, ya know, I actually like to take care of my own archives and feeds and junk! I like that I have complete control over every aspect of my web site.

I guess I am some kind of control freak.

Update: Oh, hey, Technorati finally added my entry to the Midweek Munchies! Only a week late, but I suppose I have less to complain about now.

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