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9 Mar 2006 ... Thursday Thirteen, #2

(1) I have been such a slacker with my reading lately. I'm about half-way through three, good-sized books, and can't seem to get into a reading-groove to finish them.

(2) I happened to find Tegan the guinea pig sleeping, today, with her body under her newspaper tent and her head out. I sat down and watched her sleep, her face twitched and her eyes moved. She woke up and walked over to me and I asked her what she was dreaming about. She couldn't remember.

(3) One day I'd like to do a Thursday 13 in which I sketch 13 things.

(4) My latest food obsession is pasta with peanut sauce... just add some soy sauce and some peanut butter. yum. except today's was way too salty, too much soy sauce I guess. I can't be bothered to measure out ingredients, I just throw them together.

(5) The last two loaves of bread I've made, were from the exact same recipe. You see, the first loaf came out so perfectly -- big, fluffy, golden and tasty -- that I had to make it again to see if it was a fluke! It wasn't a fluke, the second came out perfectly, too!

(6) One of the books that I'm halfway through is The Life of St. Francis. Patron saint of animals, right? Yeah, well, there aren't any animals in his life and the first animal mentioned is a wild fowl that Francis EATS. nice, huh.

(7) The other day I ran into an award, Aventis, given to popular science books, and now I feel I must read them all in order to be smart. haha. I already own one of the books, and haven't been able to finish reading it, despite several tries! Winners of Aventis

(8) In order to buy books (which I may or may not ever read), I must have income. I still don't have a job, and I still haven't really started looking. eh. But once I do have a income, there are going to be massive spendings at Amazon!

(9) I really need to make a new site design for this page. We can't have lovely winter trees and snow into the spring, after all. But I'm just so lazy!

(10) Since I write my own RSS feed, I always run it through a validator to make sure it's okay. XML is very precise, and if there's an error in my code, the whole file is messed up and won't show up. The other day, it occured to me to run _this_ page through a HTML validator. haha, very ugly, many errors. Good thing HTML is so forgiving.

(11) David Brin is one of my favorite authors and I occasionally visit his web site. One of his books was featured in a literary comic strip, and it cracked me up: Unshelved presents Startide Rising by David Brin "Dolphins? In Space?" giggles! Dolphins in space is why I love David Brin.

(12) hm. *Reading more of the Unshelved comics* It's actually rather amusing.

(13) A couple weeks ago, I suddenly decided to cut down on my caffeine. I was drinking two or three big mugs of coffee and two cokes every day, maybe a cup of black tea, too. The cokes made it an expensive habit, and all that sugar in my coffee and tea was probably turning me into a diabetic! Well, anyway, now I am aware of what I am drinking and at most I'll drink one coke and one tea in a day. Some days I skip the caffeine altogether. But, man, I hate drinking water.


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