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19 Feb 2006 ... Bah!

I have been grumpy and non-communicative. Let me tell you about my most recent grumpiness...

CNN was going to show a segment about my elephants that I've obsessed about. The reporter actually got to ride along with the last two elephants rescued, Billie and Freida!

At first it was going to show on Thursday, but it got bumped by that little Whippet dog who ran away at the airport. Poor little dog, still not found. Then the elephant segment was going to show sometime next week... But then I discovered that they ran it on Friday. AND I MISSED IT.

Whhhaaaa. I am so very disappointed. I wanted to watch my elephants on tv! And I didn't get to!

Which makes me grumpy.

You can buy the VHS video from CNN for 40$. yeah right. grumpy.

Oh, but now they have it available online! Yipee! Unfortunately, it's a 64meg download. haha. With dialup, it will only take me a few weeks. um, well, 3.5 hours actually. And yeah, I'm attempting to download it even as I type... I figure since it's copyrighted material, it might not be online for very long so I have to get it quick as I can!

Okay, for those of you who care and who have high speed:
Paula Zahn Now: Elephant Sanctuary Segment
And if I can get the thing, I will add a transcript here for ya! 'Cause I'm nice like that, even when I'm grumpy! ;)

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