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6 Feb 2006 ... Currently

Current Coffee
I continue to drink weak instant coffee. I add a bit of cocoa, a touch of cinnamon, two good scoops of sugar and some soy milk. It's good but I am sad: I have to retire my favorite coffee mug. It's an oversized mug that's dark blue with snow men and stars.

The last couple of days, after I nuke my water in it, the handle of the mug gets really hot. So hot, I have to use a glove to get the cup out of the microwave! yeow. I have no idea what it all means, but I'm terrified that the handle will break off, or the cup will explode, and then there will be chocolate coffee everywhere. And that will not make me happy. Thus, the retirement.

I've got a red mug which is the sibling of the blue one, that has snow men and snow flakes. But it's not as good because it's red and it is chipped in several places around the rim. And I've got a sea horse mug, which I totally love, but it's not as good because it's not quite as big. And then I've got several regular sized coffee mugs, which occasionally get used for tea.

Current Critters
Tegan the guinea pig is doing quite well, even tho she is entering guinea pig old age... she is 4.5 years old, and average life span is 5 years. Little Adric died right after his fifth birthday, and poor Tess was only three when she died of brain cancer.

I was thinking the other day, how different Tegan is from Adric... Adric was always so happy to see me, and when I put my hand down to pick him up, he would literally throw himself at me and scramble to be picked up! But Tegan hates to be picked up. She runs away and chatters at me from the corner. haha. She likes to run around on the floor, but getting her from her house to the floor is rather trying!

I am still feeding someone at the front door. I fill up the dish with cat food everyday, and every night it gets eaten. I wonder at the species of the "someone" because SO has seen a opossum in our back yard several times. And this morning SO pointed out a squirrel... heh, I don't think a squirrel would get along very well on carnivore food.

And I've been watching the new elephants at the sanctuary on the EleCam everyday. Tomorrow at noon (central time) two more elephants will arrive, Debbie and Ronnie, and I'm all excited about that.

Currently Vegan
I've made four loaves of bread so far this year. The last loaf was a pathetic little "English Muffin" bread that didn't rise. ha. Well, I need to make some more bread today, and if it doesn't rise either, I suppose I'll have to add "yeast" to my lengthing list of "Things to buy when I get a stupid job".

Currently Computing
Over the weekend, I did some rearranging on my web site. Finally added a "Archive 2006"... (I had been putting my new journal entries in the 2005 archive.) In the making of the new "2006" graphic, I realized that the new computer was missing some fonts. oh, my precious fonts, I must have you all! heh.

So, I got out my font collection and installed that. And that was still only 300 and some fonts. Must have more. So, I turned on the old computer and installed all the fonts I had ever downloaded. And now I am up to 789. yay. I should add "font management software" to my list of things to buy, too.

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