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5 Feb 2006 ... Currently Reading

I just finished Meat Market: Animals, Ethics and Money. It was much easier reading than I thought it would be. Recommended.

And then, since it was mentioned extensively in Meat Market, I started The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, and I haven't been able to put it down. It was written in 1906, the author wanted to expose the injustice to and exploitation of slaughterhouse workers. The book also exposed the disgusting meat processing practices of packing houses, and that's what incited some changes. And, having read about half of the book, and being horrified at the things they do to sell meat... It's amazing that people were still alive after eating even a bite of the meats, which were poisoned, diseased, rotting, and every other nasty thing and then treated with chemicals, and the left-overs, after being dumped in a waste pond, were made into lard.

The story is a good one, tho perhaps I keep reading for the shock value. It's about a family who comes to Chicago from Lithuania to work in the stockyards district. They start out fresh and eager to make their American Dream happen, but they are torn down at every turn. It's terrible, and I imagine the story will end when all members of the family are dead.

Anyway, I'm totally obsessed with this book, reading for hours at a time. Today I read it until my handheld died for lack of battery power! Right now it's charging back up, and that's the only reason I'm taking the time to type to you instead of reading more! haha.

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