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1 Feb 2006 ... Yay Elephants!

Yesterday, the Hawthorn elephants started coming home!

Minnie and Lottie made the trip and arrived at The Elephant Sanctuary around noon yesterday. I watched a little bit of their arrival on the elephant cam, and I was so very happy. And the next time I clicked the cam, just a couple hours later, they were both outside, exploring! Yay!

The rest of the elephants will be transported in pairs over the next week. Only Gypsy will be staying at Hawthorn, with Nic, the male elephant who can't go to the Sanctuary.

I tried to get some screen shots of Minnie and Lottie's arrival, but my screen capture stuff is not being nice. I've got an idea about fixing it, tho, so maybe I'll have it running before tomorrow morning when Liz and Queenie arrive.

I am just thrilled that these elephants, abused and worked their entire lives, are now home. Where they can just be elephants. Where they will be loved and cared for. Where the entire world can admire them without annoying them!

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Please consider donating to The Elephant Sanctuary, because they're cool! The people there have worked really hard, for years, to make this rescue happen. It's the largest elephant rescue in history! Elephants are expensive to care for, you know, and the new girls will have medical bills.

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