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30 Jan 2006 ... Music

I don't listen to music very often. When I do, I like to devote a good portion of my attention to it... actually listening to the tunes and maybe singing along, possibly dancing a jig. ;) And I can't do that when I'm reading a book or reading on the computer.

But the other evening, I filled up my CD player with my current favorites...

Animal Songs by Will Tuttle
I love this album! It's piano music with the animals talking!! On top of that, the album cover has beautiful, colourful animal art, painted by Mrs. Tuttle. And then! in the jacket, there's a poem of hope. It's all so perfectly wonderful and right up my alley!

I love every single song on this CD. My favorite is "DeerSong", which doesn't have any deers talking, but has birds and critters talking in the woods and a thunderstorm. The first song, "Alive!" is played with wild animals, and the last song "To Be Free..." has all kinds of critters. But all the other songs are with farmed animals!

You can see the cover art and hear 30sec clips of a couple of songs, and download the entire "DeerSong" from: AnimalSongs CD.

NIN: Pretty Hate Machine
I like all NIN, but this is still my favorite Nine Inch Nails CD. And, it's the only one I own, anymore. (Who knows where my other CDs have gone? Stolen during my days when I actually interacted with a few people in real life, maybe.) (stupid real life, anyway.) That's okay, my SO has all the NIN CDs. I rarely bother to borrow, tho.

My favorite songs from Pretty Hate are "Something I Can Never Have" and "Terrible Lie". "Lie" is the second song on the disc and quite often when I start this CD, I skip the first song, "Head Like a Hole". ha.

Garbage: Bleed Like Me
Garbage is my favorite band, this is their fourth album out and it's not my favorite but I do like to listen to it. (Version 2.0 is my fave, with the first album, Garbage, running a close second. The third CD, BeautifulGarbage runs a distant last despite a few catchy tunes.)

"Metal Heart" is my favorite on this disc, with "Happy Home" next: it's a brilliant end song for the album. "Run Baby Run" and "Why Do You Love Me" are the catchy tunes that I like.

Yep, that's all. Only room for three CDs in the tray!

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