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26 Jan 2006 ... Thursday Thirteen #1

Yes, it's a meme. Now, let me see if I can come up with 13 random things...

(1) SO keeps coming home with pretty calanders, so I hung up a couple more in our house today. Pretty, pretty. Horses and wildlife and flowers and stuff! But I'm not sure how many calanders one small townhouse needs!

(2) I am still going through my stupid stock photos from my stupid DVD that doesn't work... I've looked at almost 600 black and white photos. It's going to take me forever: I've gone through 71 zip files out of 1150. Stupid cheap software: pretty pictures that I'll never use for anything.

(3) ...Well, I have used one photo. I tried drawing from a photo of a beautiful young cow. Bovine faces are so very precious! (Love animals! Don't eat them!)

(4) I got new license plates for my car yesterday. The web site said they required two proofs of ID, proof of residence, proof of insurance, etc. uh huh. I brought all these documents with me and they didn't want to look at _any_ of them. They didn't even care who I was: they didn't ask to see my driver's license! All they cared about was taking away my car title and getting my money.

(5) You know what makes me happy: singing with my guinea pig. Tegan sings "Wheep, wheep, wheep." cheri sings: "dee, dee, dee!" It's kinda like "Doe Ray Mee" but with less of a tune. heh.

(6) You know what else makes me happy: Colour in my notebook. I've been painting backgrounds and borders in my journal, with acrylics or watercolours or coloured pencils... and then writing my drivel. It's just fun. And nice to glance through the recent pretty pages.

(7) We've had such a mild winter, that my three iris plants never died back. They've still got three or four green leaves poking up. I'm worried that they won't flower in the spring 'cause they're all confused!

(8) Someone is still eating the cat food I set out every day. I never see who: the food disappears during the night. The last cat I saw was a happy calico girl. Don't know about the black cat who started this, tho.

(9) I am still obsessing over that dumb Spider Sol game. I've now played 160 games and my win rate is up to 20%.

(10) Last summer I got my hair cut very short. Short, like my hair was less than an inch long. And now, I want my hair back. All of it. I want my hair long again. Even tho I could never be bothered to take care of it and most days it was a fluffy disaster area. But I think I'm going to let it grow out.

(11) I have made three loaves of bread this year: a tomato-herb loaf from a box, a chocolate loaf and a loaf of oatmeal. Vegan Bread Yum! I don't know what I should make next, I will have to look through my book for ideas.

(12) I love Doctor Who. I got the Key of Time set for xmas and I've been going through it slowly. Slowly, because once it's done, I'll be sad because getting new DVDs is pretty low on my list of "things to buy when I get an income".

(13) lalala. Do you think I will ever do 13 again? At this moment, I'm thinking "no". However, I was optimistic and added a "#1" to the title, thus implying a #2 to follow. And I'll add the Technorati tag, just in case you were so thrilled with my 13 that you want to go and read about millions of other people's 13s.


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