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20 Jan 2006 ... Back to Reading

It seems like I've been playing on my new computer every waking moment, for the past week. In many cases, "playing" for real: I found this new solitaire game called Spider... I can win about 19% of the time, and I've played 100 times. Ah, obsession. heh.

Tho I'm still getting the new computer system Situated, I'm about ready to get back to my real life. Of reading books and looking half-heartedly for a job.

I have finished 5 books so far this year, and I'm currently reading:

Sunwing by Kenneth Oppel
This is the second book in a series of animal fiction featuring bats. Bats are so cute. An adventure story: Shade is looking for his father, with the help of Marina, but they've gotten all mixed up with some humans doing incomprehensible things.

The Plague Ship by Andre Norton
SciFi: Free Traders are on a new world, wanting to trade for gems. The natives are descended from cats and they've just discovered the Free Traders have catnip. haha... I haven't gotten to the "plague" part of the story yet. You can download the text for free: Plague Ship at Gutenberg

Meditation for Dummies
You can laugh at the name, but this is actually a really good book! I am learning all kinds of interesting things. It seems like I live a peaceful life, minus a job and all, but I do need to practice my breathing.

Meat Market by Eric Marcus
*taking a deep breath right now* Gary, over at Animal Writings, has finished up his book tour of this book... And I did buy the book... So I should read the book. But the book will be preaching to my choir, and then I'll get all mad about how horrifying life is, and then I'll really have to mediatate. You know what I'm saying?!

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